Crafting visions into strategic brands.

Billy Cheung

Communication Designer, Art Director

Billy Cheung (b. 1992), Hong Kong communication designer and art director based in Greater Manchester working globally. Formerly Design Director of Graphic Dpt in Taipei. With 10+ years of expertise in branding, strategy, design and communications, Billy has dedicated himself to exploring the fundamental nature of problem-solving design experiences. Throughout his career, he had been earning numerous accolades in major design awards, working closely with variety of cultural commercial projects and international clients, and award-winning studios.

● Design Philosophy

Speaking of design, I think it exists in between the logic of science and the art of problem solving. The blend of both is what combines knowledge and rigor from the former with vision, imagination and aesthetics from the latter to create solutions that work elegantly.

Design relies on logic and science in order to create solutions that actually work. Whether designing a structural element, a machine, or a computer program, the designer needs to understand technical limitations, material properties, user requirements, etc. Their designs have to conform to certain logical rules and scientific principles to function properly.

Design also requires creativity, intuition, and artistic sensibility. Truly great designs have an elegance, aesthetics, and ingenuity that goes beyond just technical proficiency. The designer is crafting an experience and trying to solve problems in a way that is pleasing and meaningful to users. This often involves subjective, artistic judgments to balance functionality and other goals.

Design seems to live at the intersection between the more objective, rational world of science and engineering, and the more subjective, creative world of art and problem solving. The best designers are able to combine knowledge and rigor from the former with vision, imagination and aesthetics from the latter to create solutions that work elegantly.


Communication + Clarity

Client and Designer will enter into discovery meeting, to communicate all relevant information of the Project: Packaging ideas, concepts, thinkings, and desired deliverable specifications.


Designer will prepare a set of three stylescapes (i.e. moodboard) to confirm Client’s desired look and feel of the produced outcome, also to make sure the marketing plan and the ideated design match with the brand’s voice and tone, the consistency of the brand.

Research + Strategy

Both parties will enter into meeting, to set forth detailed marketing strategy and plan.

Execution + Outcome

Client will be notified and must review and approve any and all materials prior to Project finalization and submission. Furthermore, the Client will have permission to accept the work and request revisions if needed.


Branding & Identity / Naming / Positioning / Brand Communications / Brand Guidelines / Design Systems / Digital Design / Web Design / Spatial Design / Editorial Design / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Copywriting


Billy had received accolades in major design awards over the years, such as

1 London Design Awards 2 MUSE Creative Awards 1 C-IDEA Design Award 1 HONG KONG & Bay Area / Better Future Design Awards 1 A' Design Award 1 DIELINE Awards (Shortlisted) 1 MUSE Design Award 4 IDA Design Awards 1 Indigo Design Award 1 German Design Award 1 CGDA Visual Communication Design Award


Here is a selection of previous works.

Full case studies upon request.