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NAKA, when pronounced as なか (naka) in Japanese, carries the meanings of "middle" and "balance". The exquisite sensation of balance, like a perfect harmony, evokes a unique response within each individual's heart.
NAKA combines traditional classic beverages with modern taste aesthetics, offering a diverse beverage culture that caters to the lifestyle in Asia. From energizing caffeine for the daytime to soothing and comforting beverages for the evening, NAKA caters to the multi-faceted beverage preferences of individuals. Our goal is to merge traditional beverage craftsmanship with advanced taste aesthetics, redefining the market for handcrafted drinks and shaping the concept of "Elite To Go" takeaway beverage stores.
In a city that never rests, let us take a moment to pause – Our lives are filled with hectic and trivial matters, suffocating us. Perhaps, we all need to take a step back and find a place to rest in this bustling city. We may not have much time to sit down and savor the beauty, but NAKA believes that the essence of life can be carried with us. With a focus on takeaway, we created an elegant indoor space, featuring a grand counter and large glass windows that reflect the picturesque surroundings outside. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing beverage, whether inside the store or in the outdoor dining area, and take a deep breath, relishing a moment of respite. Just one corner is enough to reset oneself to a state of balance. This single cup represents NAKA's commitment to accompany you as we embark on the journey towards the future.












Graphic Dpt

Billy Cheung

Yuhsuan Huang, Yutung Wang

Abby Wang, Billy Cheung

事作制所 Assiduous Design

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