One Ed

Branding & Identity

Proposed brand identity revamp for OneEd, an online learning community developed to perform self-directed learning.
OneEd is a venture that aims to use big data and artificial intelligence analytics to help students from low-income families learn mathematics more effectively. An online platform is currently being developed, by which tutors can manage their students’ learning progress by assigning them suitable exercises and follow-up tasks. Students can manage their journey in learning mathematics with supplementary learning resources to perform self-directed learning. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, OneEd merged online teaching-and-learning experience with educational responsibility to create a platform with a purpose — driving students' self-motivation of their learning, and teachers may share resources with their class seamlessly. We refined the current brand logo that conveys the concept of knowledge exchange and the formation of symbols through diverse perspectives. This symbol stands for OneEd, and its overarching objective of advancing online learning technology.​​​​​​​





One Ed Limited

Billy Cheung